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Detelina - address and map location

Address of Detelina - Golden Sands

Address: Chaika resort, Golden Sands 9007

Phone number in the hotel for additional information: 359 52 3 56 608

Phone number for reservations *: +359 879 09 23 64 - We speak English

* All hotel accommodation prices on this website are valid only for bookings, made online or at the reservation phones of Profi Tours Ltd, listed above.

Hotel location:

The lovers of night entertainments could spend exciting hours in the numerous establishments for amusement of Golden Sands resort, situated not far.The hotel is located in Chaika Area , some 3 kilometers south of the world-wide known tourist resort Golden Sands.
It is located on a quiet hillside leading down to the promenade and the beach. Benefiting from the temperate climate and the Black Seas low salt content, guests at Detelina Hotel enjoy direct vicinity of Cabacum beach.
Cabacum Beach is known as one of the best sand beaches in the region. It is flat, covered with fine golden sand. The sandy sea bottom gently slopes into the sea; there are no rocks or sudden drops. The climate is mild, temperate continental, similar to that in the famous Mediterranean resorts. The average air temperature in summer is 27-30 degrees and the water temperature is 25-28 degrees.

Address: Chaika resort, Golden Sands 9007, Golden Sands

Distance to beach: 520m
Distance to center: 2.4km
Distance to airport: 20km to Airport Varna
Distance to bus station: 0.2km
Distance to railway station: 17km
Distance to cash machine: 0.15km
Distance to restaurants: 0.3km
Distance to shops: 0.3km

Detelina on the map